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Delay is not denial. In this program you will learn how to make peace with the moment you are in while still honoring your destiny to be a phenomenal lover. You will learn how to have values about courtship and dating that align with what you want to manifest in your love life.



You are in a covenant relationship but you feel like something is missing. You know there is more for you and you want to know how to access it. You will learn how to communicate your needs and desires in healthy ways, release unhealthy co-dependency, and put love before your fears.



When your "I Do" becomes "I Don't" it is time to redetermine the values you used to establish your relationship. There is a time and season for everything. You will learn how to know what season your relationship is in, if it is viable, and who you need to become to manifest fulfillment in your love life.


"After 12+ years of toxic love, I made a decision that changed everything..."

I asked myself what would happen to my emotional and spiritual growth if I could learn to love my mate like the Divine loves me. Something in me initially felt that was weak or made me unsafe. I recognized in that moment that I did not have a blueprint for what I desired. So I summoned one. 


After 30 days away from one of my Master Teachers, one of my Twin Flames, in the ocean waters of Tortola washing away the parts of my ego that sabotaged love's power in my experience, I came home whole and able to BE what I was seeking.


I created this program to impart that power and divine awakening in every man and woman, recognizing that they too, were not given the blueprint for unconditional love but feel a calling to learn to experience love in new ways.

Whether single, in a relationship, or on your way out of one... it all begins and ends with you. Toxic Lover Healing will help you uproot values that sabotage your relationships, manifest the perfect mate to journey with, make peace with needing to complete a relationship, and allow you to emotionally and spiritually mature to be a vessel of divine love and transformation!


It will help you assess your truth about the power of love and whether or not you truly know how to embody it. Too often we are believing principles we are not living. 

If you are not getting what you want in your love life it is an indication that you have been miseducated and it is time for you to honor the need to learn a new truth. 


This experience is life-changing and intimate. You can and you will manifest your truth about your love life.

Bring back the honey in your relationships!

✓ Heal the generational and cultural values that sabotage your love life
✓ Manifest magickal communication and pleasure in your relationship
✓ Get the appreciation, admiration, and support you desire as 'The Beloved One' of your house

So let's take this journey together and get very clear about your truth, so you can start living it at new heights!